What Does a CSM Ambassador Do?

Serving as a CSM Ambassador can be done formally or informally, in as many or as few hours as you are able to assist.
We will provide you with all the materials you need. And you can invest as much or as little time as your schedule allows. Some of the ways you can help are surprisingly easy and quick

Listed below are a number of tasks we need help with. Choose one way you can help or several ways. Many hands, as they say, make light work, and we are grateful for any assistance you can offer.

Thank you for your consideration, and God bless you.

If you have any questions, please contact Jan Klemm at 248-822-8199 or Jan@CampSanctaMaria.org.


  • Talk with your pastor, principal, family, friends and co-workers about your positive experience at CSM.
  • Distribute flyers to family, friends and co-workers.
  • Ask your pastor and principal to distribute CSM flyers to families, electronically or on their bulletin board, in gathering spaces, in their office, etc.
  • Inquire about including a link to CSM’s website on your parish website.
  • Ask your pastor if you can make an announcement at Mass about CSM, then set up a table and distribute CSM flyers after Mass on a weekend, and share with fellow parishioners your experience at CSM.
  • Ask your principal if you can set up a CSM table at Parent Teacher Conferences to distribute flyers and talk with families about your experience at CSM.
  • Ask to have a CSM “blurb” or brief article (which we will provide you) printed in your parish’s weekly bulletin or newsletter, emails to families, and on their website.
  • Include a link to our CSM website on your personal email signature.
  • “Like” our page on Facebook, and “Share” posts you get from Camp to help spread the word.
  • Forward our CSM email newsletters to your family, friends, and co-workers.
  • Conduct a coffee gathering for parents who have children of Camp age (ages 8-16). Parent-to-parent recommendations are very effective! Parents with younger kids can be invited to attend our Father & Son Weekends or Mother & Daughter Weekends, which have no age limit, so keep them in mind, as well.
  • Identify parents of children you know who have been at Camp and who are enthusiastic about CSM, and ask them to help you spread the word.


  • Promote CSM by letting people know—formally or informally—what a great experience their child will have at Camp, based on your child’s experience or your own knowledge of CSM.
  • Email your family and friends about CSM, including talking points and e-materials we provide you.
  • Assist our staff and volunteers by contacting an assigned list of schools and parishes to schedule school and parish presentations.
  • Secure commitments from your parish or your child’s school to distribute flyers, include blurbs and/or ads about CSM in their bulletins and newsletters, emails to families, and on their websites.
  • Encourage your pastor, principal, or employer to sponsor a child who wouldn’t be able to attend Camp without financial assistance.


  • Encourage family, friends and co-workers to support CSM financially
  • Encourage others to attend our annual Benefit Dinner in April and our annual Golf Outing in June
  • Tribute gifts are a meaningful way to support CSM while celebrating a special person in your life. Support CSM in honor of a special event, such as a loved one’s birthday, anniversary, or retirement; or in memory of a loved one.
  • If someone special is asking what you want for your birthday or Christmas, ask them to make a donation to CSM.
  • Let us know if you know someone who may be able to assist us financially, with gifts-in-kind, or donated professional or specialized services.
  • Gifts-in-kind include everything from truckloads of woodchips to keep weeds down on our ropes course, to gravel so our road stays mud-free, to kitchen equipment, and more.
  • Donated professional/specialized services include grading our road, clearing snow during Work Camp in the spring, landscaping, painting, carpentry, electrical website development, and more.
  • Share CSM’s Wish List with appropriate groups, such as your parish Christian service committee, your school principal, or your employer.
  • Encourage family and friends to make their Amazon.com purchases through Smile.Amazon.com so that Camp Sancta Maria can receive donations from Amazon based on their purchases, at no additional cost.
  • Host a special fundraising event for CSM at your home or workplace. Some ideas include workplace “Casual for a Cause“ days, special sales days, bake sales, raffles and dinner parties.


  • Pray for the children, staff, and administration of CSM. Please add us to your daily prayer list, especially during the Camp season, June through August.
  • Help is needed in May before Camp opens and in September after Camp closes for the season. Tasks include repairing equipment, maintaining vehicles and golf carts, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, landscaping, cleaning cabins, cleaning the grounds, cooking for volunteers, and more. Come up to Camp and join us for a weekend, a week, or more.
  • Volunteer at our annual CSM Benefit Dinner in April or CSM Golf Outing in June, assisting with decorating and set-up, registration, raffle ticket sales, clean-up, etc.
  • Recommend counselors who you know have a formed relationship with our Lord and a moral compass that is Catholic in its orientation.

Thank you again for your consideration, and God bless you.

If you have any questions, please contact Jan Klemm at 248-822-8199 or Jan@CampSanctaMaria.org.

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