Health and Safety is our #1 Concern

It is as high a priority to us as it is to you that our campers are healthy and safe. Our recently renovated infirmary/health office is operated by a full-time nurse and Red Cross trained staff. Campers have access to the infirmary and its staff 24 hours a day to address any concern they may have. Our infirmary staff dispenses medications at scheduled times.  For emergencies, Otsego Memorial Hospital is located less than 10 minutes away from camp.  CSM also partners with the 911 emergency system, providing them with details of our operations. Should emergency procedures ever be necessary, parents would be notified promptly.


Licensing and Accreditation

We are convinced that one of the keys to a safe, fun, wholesome camp is the presence of what we call “lots of eyes.” Many people may not be aware that CSM is visited by inspectors and welcomes inspections throughout the summer.   In 2015 we were visited by the State of Michigan (our licensing agent) and our review went very well. After countless hours of renovation work in our Infirmary and bathroom facilities in the spring of 2014, we were visited by the health inspector who gave us the highest possible rating and complimented us on notable improvements.

In addition to these governmental units, we asked members of the American Camping Association (ACA) to visit CSM during 2014 in order to judge our policies. We were pleased to learn that we received accreditation as an ACA member camp. While this accreditation is not necessary, we believe it is important to have. We believe that ACA provides a structure to help us be the best camp around. Click here for more information about ACA.

Last, but certainly not least, we can’t overlook so many of the moms and dads who volunteer each summer. They are some of the best inspectors we have!



Campers play hard at CSM and it is important that their bodies stay nourished with a well-balanced diet. Our menu is a balance of healthy, nutritious, and fun foods. Our menu is reviewed by our nurse, a physician, and perhaps the best test of all–some of our moms. That which we prepare is just as important as how it is prepared. Our kitchen staff is ServSafe certified and take their responsibility seriously.



Our beach and waterfront is run by American Red Cross certified lifeguards. On the first day of swimming, each camper is tested on their ability to swim and is subsequently classified as one of six levels. Swimmers use the buddy system, are area restricted, use life jackets on boats, swim only in supervised areas and receive swim instruction during their stay at camp.  CSM has some of the best waterfront practices around.