Our horseback riding program caters to riders of all abilities, whether a camper has years of riding experience or has never sat on a horse. Campers are sure to spend some of their most exciting hours at camp learning about, caring for, and riding these magnificent animals.

All campers are guaranteed  two riding programs during Girls’ Camp, with each lasting at least one hour. In addition, we teach a horsemanship program where campers are given the chance to groom, feed, and learn how to care for the horses.

Many campers enjoy their time at the corral so much that they choose to attend our one-week Girls’ Horse Camp in addition to the regular Girls’ Camp session, which we recommend. This provides them with a more focused riding program in which to hone their skills.

High Ropes Rock Wall Zip LineClimbing tower Ropes 2

Some of the greatest growth in our campers happens through the ropes course.  The goals of the ropes course include building team work, teaching group problem solving, and helping campers, young and old, overcome their personal fears. Our ropes instructors are all trained by and supervised according to the State of Michigan standards in Ropes Course licensing.

Team games – all campers
These games are designed to build confidence, trust and respect between individuals and to help teams prepare for the physical and emotional challenges ahead of them in the ropes course. The games help each team member to see the value of their own contributions and that of their team-mates.

Low Ropes Course – ages 11+
In the low ropes course, campers work together to achieve a group goal in spite of what often initially appear to be impossible odds. Campers are taught to think creatively about abstract tasks.  This later provides our counselors with a wonderful opportunity to to relate these experiences to real life choices and decisions campers have to make in their everyday lives.  Campers have the chance to share their own insights with friends.

High Ropes Course – ages 11+
On the high ropes course, campers are asked to overcome personal fears through “challenge by choice.”  Being encouraged and cheered on by their peers gives campers a huge boost to their confidence as they experience the thrill of catching the trapeze bar from the pamper pole, or hurling down the zip-line, or swinging between trees on a rope.  Frequent inspections and industry approved equipment and methods are strictly enforced to ensure that a camper’s confidence is backed-up by the knowledge that he is absolutely safe to explore his abilities on our 22 ropes course elements.

Other than the Mess Hall, the CSM Beach is the busiest place at Camp. Almost every program of every day, a waterfront activity is scheduled for both large and small groups to enjoy. From General Swim to Swim Instruction, and from Boat and Fish to Beach Volleyball, there are plenty of opportunities for each camper to enjoy our own private bay on Lake 27.

Safety around the water is #1 at CSM. Before any camper is allowed to participate in water activities they are classified by our lifeguard staff into one of 6 levels. Associated with each level is a marked and monitored zone area. Along with classifying swimmers we also utilize the buddy system and buddy checks to insure the safety of each camper.

Our programs include:

  • Beach Olympics
  • Swim Instruction
  • Water Slide
  • Canoeing and Kayaking
  • General Swim
  • Boat and Fish
  • Water Polo
  • Water Basketball
  • Sand Activities
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Sand Basketball

Our archery range was recently demolished and reconstructed and, thanks to the State leadership of the Knights of Columbus, we augmented our target sports with the gift of some air rifles. To accommodate the air rifle activity, a second range was built in the proximity of the archery range.

The archery range is where many a camper has practiced the ancient art of mastering a bow and arrow. CSM has a 5-target range, designed to make even the novice bowman successful. But budding Robin Hoods need not worry; our archery staff have a challenge or two in store for you as well!

CSM supplies re-curve bows and target arrows for all campers. In 2017, a generous supporter donated brand new compound bows. The bows are designed to be easy for everyone to use. Campers may bring their own bows if they wish, provided that they are re-curve bows of no more than 25 pounds of draw strength.

In 2018, the Men’s Group of St. Thomas More Parish in Troy, Michigan, donated and installed permanent sun shelters for those campers engaging in target sports.

A strict set of procedures is followed to control movement in and around the range. This serves to ensure the safety of this program. All staff are trained, certified and observed before leading the archery program.

Bring your creativity to camp and prepare for one of the most popular programs at CSM. Our craft cabin has a wide range of crafts and projects for campers to build, paint, stamp, dye, draw and weave. From tie-dye t-shirts to repurposing materials, from bead necklaces to the Trash Bag Fashion Show, there is something to appeal to every camper.

Many campers like to take friendship bracelet with them after the program to continue to work on in their cabin during rest periods. Experience has shown that campers appreciate activities at camp that provide an opportunity to slow down and develop new interests and skills, as well as a chance to get out of the hot summer sun.TBFS

A favorite program at CSM for many campers is down on our sports field, known as the Front of the Hill or FOH. Here campers get the chance to burn off energy and learn new skills in an extensive range of sporting activities. Teams are scheduled for a variety of programs every day, with campers’ efforts rewarded with merit points.

Whether a camper enjoys spiking a volleyball, swinging a bat or kicking a soccer ball, there is something for all on the sports field. The emphasis is on sportsmanship, fair-play and encouragement of fellow campers–all positive values taught by our counselors.

Our sports program gives campers the chance to play many of the sports they love as well as a few new ones:

color run
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Kickball
  • Softball
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Dodgeball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Lacrosse
  • Track and Field

CSM’s camping program provides campers with the skills that allow them to get the best out their natural environment and truly enjoy spending time under the stars.

Our counselors have extensive knowledge of how to teach about wilderness survival, shelter-building, outdoor cooking, campfires, first aid and camp crafts.

Our camping program is built into a leadership program that aims to bring out these qualities in our campers and, hopefully, future counselors and staff members.

mack islandCross in the Woods

A much loved staple of any one- or two-week session at CSM is the day-trip to Mackinac Island. It’s a special day, a chance to explore the history and novelties of one of Michigan’s greatest summer attractions. So get ready to invade the island with a sea of tie-dye!

The program for Mackinac day begins with breakfast at Camp. Then we board the bus and head north. But Mackinaw City and the ferry port is our second stop of the day.

First, we attend an outdoor Mass at the Cross in the Woods Shrine in Indian River, with a chance to receive communion before the largest crucifix in the world.

Next, on to the shores of Lake Michigan. Our lunch-time ferry gets us to the island in just 15 minutes. Once there we eat a quick lunch and divide into small groups, each led by a senior counselor and we spend the afternoon exploring the island and (its fudge stores!)