Camper Forms

Due 7 (seven) days prior to your camper’s first day of camp:

  1. Tuition balance paid in full
  2. Please upload your child’s photo (Headshot approximately 2″ x 3″, like that on an ID badge, so they are easily recognizable. If you are unable to upload the photo, it is important you bring it with you to check-in.)
  3. Cabin-Mate Assignment Request Form (if applicable)

Due at check-in on your camper’s first day of camp (unless already uploaded through Active):


  1. Tuition balance if not already paid in full
  2. Form 1: Camper Health Form
  3. From 2: Physical Form signed by a physician
  4. Daily and Over-the-Counter Medication Sheets (These sheets acknowledge that you, as legal guardian, are aware of and accept all the rules and regulations of Camp Sancta Maria. These sheets also detail the medication that may be administered to your child
    • NOTE: If your child is taking medication, make sure he/she has a full supply for their entire stay. If this is not the case, please notify the camp health officer during check-in. MEDICATION MUST BE IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING.
  5. Primary Insurance Information Form (including copy of front and back of insurance card)
  6. Munson Otsego Memorial Hospital Parental Consent Form
  7. HIPAA Release Form
  8. Camper Release Information Form
  9. Camper Photo (if not already uploaded through Active)
  10. Optional:
  11. Voluntary Disclosure Form
  12. Spending money for your camper 

All of the forms can be found by logging in to your family account.


If you need to register by manually by mailing in your registration form and deposit rather than using Active online, please download the forms by clicking on the links below. Mail the completed forms to us at: Camp Sancta Maria; P. O. Box 613; Washington, MI 48094.

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