Camp Life

Senior Cabin Photo Junior Cabin Photo


Campers at CSM stay in a cabin with other campers of their own age. Campers can request a cabin with friends from home. Cabins house between 10 and 18 campers, sleeping on bunk beds. Each camper is provided shelving to store personal items. Campers are responsible for keeping their area of the cabin clean and tidy.

At least two Senior Counselors aged 18 or over stay in each cabin with the campers to ensure supervision. Campers do not spend any time in their cabin without adult supervision. Every camper spends one program a day at rest period in their cabin, re-charging their energy so they are ready for the remainder of the busy and active day.

Cabin assignments are made on check-in day. Campers are put into teams for their activities at camp, but the teams are different to the cabin groups so that the boys have every chance to make many new friends during their stay at CSM.